Wish Edward Beverley-Jones good luck – St David’s Hospice Care

By | 30 September, 2017

My friend Ed is cycling (peddles) from the Sugarloaf Mountain (highest mountain on the Brecon’s) to Morrocco today, and is leaving today. He only has an old bike and little money, no maps just a compass so will be following the Stars and the Swallows :-)


He will be sleeping under the stars/rain in a basic kagool and ground mat and living off what nature provides. Yes, he is crazy! But its all for a good cause, St David’s Hospice Care;


Please show some support for Ed on this fantastic journey by making a small donation. Any amount would be greatly appreciated and will be much-needed encouragement for Ed. Your donation will be going straight towards caring for people with life-limiting illnesses and will provide support to their families and carers :-)

You can follow Ed on YouTube, here’s a link; Edward Beverley-Jones YouTube Channel

His posts are always quite amusing!

You can also follow Ed on Facebook … CLICK HERE!

I hope you are able to support Ed if even by sharing his adventures or by just posting a comment of encouragement.

Kindest regards,