The available colours are:

T-Shirts – white, navy, black, bottle green, red and royal

Polo-Shirts – white, navy, black, bottle green, red burgundy, sunflower, sky blue, heather grey, and royal

pastedGraphic.png White pastedGraphic_1.png Black red Red pastedGraphic_3.png Royal pastedGraphic_4.png Navy

pastedGraphic_5.png Burgundy pastedGraphic_6.png Heather Grey pastedGraphic_7.png OlivepastedGraphic_8.png Khaki

Bottle Green pastedGraphic_10.png Sunflower pastedGraphic_11.png OrangepastedGraphic_12.png Ash Grey

pastedGraphic_13.png Chocolate pastedGraphic_14.png Dark Navy pastedGraphic_16.png Zinc pastedGraphic_17.png Graphite

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